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Nature turns your house into a home! 

Be surprised by our green and flowering plants

What do you give your Valentine?

Fresh from the grower

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Within 1-3 working days at your home

Why the power of gratitude works

The power of gratitude in a nutshell? Being grateful has a positive effect on our mood. Do you ask yourself how you start with this and what you are grateful for? In this blog we explain the power of gratitude and how you can get started with it.

Get inspired by #greenupwithkolibri

Take a look at our period rooms and be inspired. Follow us on Instagram and share your style with #greenupwithkolibri

Rob & Desiree Olsthoorn Kolibri Company

Our story

The heart of Kolibri Company are Rob and Desiree Olsthoorn. They share the passion to transform any home into a place where you can relax, feel comfortable.


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