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Plant subscription with orchids

Always beautiful plants in the house, who wouldn't want that? With the plant subscription of Kolibri Company can it! Receive the most beautiful plants every 3 months. Fresh from our own nursery! 

With the plant subscription of Kolibri Company you are assured of our most exclusive orchids with never before seen colours, shapes and patterns. These orchids are super exclusive and not available anywhere else!

Orchid subscription with exclusive orchids

Advantages of a plant subscription

Exclusive orchids

Exclusive orchids

Assure yourself of the most exclusive orchids from our nursery. We select orchids with never before seen colours, shapes and patterns. They are top quality orchids with pot size 9 cm and are not available online.

Every shipment with decorative pot

Every shipment with decorative pot

With every delivery of a plant subscription Premium you will receive a decorative pot from the Kolibri Home collection. As a result, you receive a complete plant set that immediately fits into any interior.

Four times a year!

Four times a year!

Receive every 3 months fresh orchids with our plant subscription. An eye-catcher in the house, sent home to the front door.

Fresh from the nursery

Fresh from the nursery

All our plants are grown with care, love and passion. We send the plants from the subscription directly from our nursery, you can't get any fresher!

Our plant subscriptions

Discover and choose the subscription that suits you

More about the plant subscription

We set aside beautiful and exclusive orchids especially for subscription holders. With a plant subscription you will receive these orchids every three months. This allows you to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

Why take out a planting subscription?

  • Get exclusive Kolibri Orchids with pot size 9 cm
  • Top quality orchids
  • Fresh from our own nursery
  • Always a surprise 
  • A decorative pot with a Premium subscription
  • Always cancellable, you are not committed to anything!
  • Free orchid food with the 1st shipment

Different plant subscription options

You can choose from two different subscription types, Basic and Premium. This choice allows you to choose a subscription that meets your needs. If you opt for a Basic subscription, we will surprise you every three months with the most special orchids. You can place them yourself in a decorative pot that you already have at home.

Would you rather be completely unburdened? Then go for us Premium subscription. Every three months we supply you with our special orchids complete in matching ornamental pots from our Kolibri Home line.

Our orchid subscriptions

Discover and choose your plant subscription that suits you

Always a surprise

With a plant subscription Kolibri Company we select the most beautiful orchids for you. It takes no more time to look for orchids yourself. In addition, with a premium subscription you will receive a complete plant in pot set.

Do you want to buy orchids online, but do you find it difficult to choose which orchid to choose? In our orchid nursery, our assortment manager Sabine selects the exclusive orchids for subscription holders of the plant subscription. To surprise you and let you enjoy our Kolibri orchids. Ideal if you don't want to go looking for yourself, but do want to have orchids in your home.

How does the plant subscription work

You determine the size of your plant subscription yourself. We have six different subscription types. You can choose from:

  • Kolibri Premium subscription Small
  • Kolibri Premium subscription Medium
  • Kolibri Premium subscription Giant
  • Kolibri subscription Basic Small
  • Kolibri subscription Basic Medium
  • Kolibri subscription Basic Giant

What customers say about the plant subscription


When will I receive my plants?

Receive your green surprise faster than ever! Bee Kolibri Company we have renewed our plant subscription. You will receive your first orchids directly to your home within 1 to 3 working days after taking out your subscription. And the best news? A new delivery is ready for you every three months! 

What is the delivery time of a plant subscription

Shipments are expected 1 to 3 working days delivered to your home after shipment. The plants sent are selected by us on the basis of unique, special characteristics. 

Plant subscription for companies

Looking for a customized plant subscription for the office? We offer companies the opportunity to take out a subscription for our orchids. Every three months we provide a changing offer that fits your wishes.

Interested in taking out a plant subscription for the office? Contact us to discuss the possibilities! Mail to Hello@kolibricompany. Nl 


and receive a 10% discount in your mail!

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