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For centuries, the kolibrie and the orchid are engaged in a mysterious game of seduction. The kolibrie pollinates the most amazing orchids. Which in turn the kolibrie seduce with their colorful flowers, beautiful shapes and delicious nectar. It's a powerful match that creates boundless beauty.

Kolibri is inspired by this passionate collaboration that enriches nature. The collection offers amazing orchids and beautiful green plants, perfectly fitting pots and stylish home accessories. Right away Kolibri you bring the power of nature into your home, brimming with positive energy. In this way every house is transformed into a place where you can relax and where you feel good.

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About us

Kolibri Company Desiree


“I am constantly looking for the most beautiful orchids. There are now more than 101 different Phalaenopsis varieties to discover in the collection of Kolibri orchids. I select the orchids based on refined details and a unique appearance.”



“I am most happy when I walk through the greenhouses. In addition to growing our green and flowering plants, sustainability is something that concerns me every day. I do not shy away from a challenge and continuously innovate the company, bringing a sustainable future one step closer.”



“From taking care of photography to writing matching product descriptions, I ensure that you learn everything about our products! In addition, I provide you with the best dose of inspiration every day on our social media channels.”



“Every day I make sure that all orders leave our company. In addition, I am busy setting up and maintaining our digital store. If you have good ideas that we could apply, I'm always happy to hear from you!"



“Do you have a flower shop or garden centers? Then I would be happy to help you with your shelf layout for a successful sale. I stimulate you with new ideas and I like to support you with catchy promotions.”



“I make sure that the unique collections of Kolibri Company a true enrichment on any store shelf. We focus on all flower shops and garden centers throughout Europe. Take a look at our points of sale where you can buy our Kolibriyou can find it all!”

About us


“I stay in close contact with customers to answer questions about orders as well as questions related to care. Together with the customer, we look for a solution and ensure that we are satisfied. In addition, I will enter into the conversation to create fun and appropriate content for our social media channels to inspire you with the best photos and videos.”

Sabine with orchid - about us page


"It Kolibri I put together the Orchids range to ensure that you have the most beautiful and high-quality orchids in your home. I test new varieties for growth, quality and work closely with my colleagues to add new varieties.”

Kolibri Orchids

More than 101 different Phalaenopsis varieties, selected on the basis of refined details and a unique appearance. A premium quality, available all year round.

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Kolibri Greens

A mix of trendy green plants that cross-pollinate with Kolibri orchids. They remind you of a small jungle at home. All green plants offer you a solid foundation of premium quality and shelf life.

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Kolibri Home

A selection of perfectly fitting pots for Kolibri orchids and Kolibri Greens, supplemented with stylish home accessories for the home. A perfect match, based on current trends. 

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