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Do you need help taking care of your orchid? Here you will find tips from Grower Rob! With a little attention you can enjoy our Kolibri orchids. Read on for the most frequently asked questions about care. 

Do you have questions about the care tips or are you unable to figure it out yourself? Then don't hesitate contact us to include! 


Do orchids need special food?
Taking care of an orchid is best done by spoiling them once every two months with orchid food. This keeps your orchid beautiful for longer, because it receives extra nutrients. For optimal growth of your orchid, one special nutrient drop is enough to provide your orchid with enough nutrients for the next two months.

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How can I water my orchids?
Watering your orchid carefully is essential when caring for an orchid. Water your orchid once a week by completely submerging the orchid with plastic growing pot in water. Make sure that you let the orchid drain well before you put it back in the decorative pot, otherwise too much water will remain in the pot, which can cause the roots to rot. Always check the roots before watering the orchids. These tell you if they are thirsty or if they still have enough water. Are the roots light gray? Then water quickly, because then they will be dry. Are the roots dark green? Then they have enough water. You no longer have to water.

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Where is the best place to put my orchid?
Orchids like a light spot with room temperatures between 17 and 22 degrees. Watch out for the following points:
– Make sure that your orchid is not near a stove or heating, because this air is too dry for the orchid.
– Place your orchid in a light spot, but be careful with direct sunlight. This can be harmful to the leaves and flowers.
– Never place an orchid next to a fruit bowl. Many fruits release a natural substance called ethylene. This substance can speed up the orchid's aging process.
With these tips you can make the most of your orchid take care of! 

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My Orchid is getting yellow buds?
An orchid gets yellow buds as a result of too much cold, too much water or a dark spot. The orchid does not like this and will therefore drop its buds. Place the orchid in a somewhat warmer place and only water the orchid once a week. Also make sure that you do not place the orchid next to the fruit bowl. The substance that comes from fruit, called Ethylene, is harmful to the buds of the orchid. 

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How do I repot my orchid?
After two years it is time to repot your orchid. The roots have grown so much that it is time for a new, larger breeding pot. Did you know that an orchid grows naturally on a tree? They are epiphytes; they grow in nature on a tree and get moisture and nutrition from nature. This means that orchids do not like normal potting soil, but bark which consists of tree bark. If you want to repot your orchid, do so in orchid bark. Taking care of an orchid also means that if the orchid grows too many roots after reblooming your orchid, you will also repot the orchid. Below you will find a step-by-step plan for repotting your orchid:
Step 1: Remove the orchid with roots and all from the plastic growing pot
Step 2: If necessary, trim the black roots with pruning shears. These are rotten and the orchid does not need them.
Step 3: Grab a bucket of lukewarm water and submerge the orchid. Then put the orchid back in the plastic growing pot.
Step 4: Sprinkle the new, fresh orchid bark in the pot and press gently.
Step 5: Place the orchid in a somewhat cooler place in the house where the temperature is around 18 degrees and avoid direct sunlight. In this way the orchid can create new, strong roots.  

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How can I make an orchid bloom again?
It may be that something goes wrong during your orchid care or that the orchid has finished flowering. If this is the case, you can let the orchid bloom again. You do this by snapping back the branches just above the two eye. Put the plant back in a somewhat cooler place in the house where the temperature is around 18 degrees. Be patient and the orchid will automatically produce a new branch with flowers.

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