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How do you celebrate Christmas with Kolibri?

Are you going to do something fun for Christmas this year? Maybe you're wondering what's fun to do at home for Christmas. We at Kolibri We would like to celebrate this with you and inspire you with the nice Christmas products to make your Christmas interior enchanting. We also give you great tips to take your Christmas decorations to the next level, because during the darkest days of the year our orchids bring enchanting colors to your home.

But what is the purpose of Christmas? Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. During the Christmas period we decorate the house with Christmas decorations, such as a Christmas tree, lights and candles.

Discover our best Christmas products on this page and when you purchase one of these products you will receive one free matching Christmas pick.

White orchid, golden decorative pots - Christmas table setting

Free Christmas pick with all Christmas items

When you purchase a Christmas product you will receive one Free Christmas pick
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Christmas ornament in gold and silver for the decorative pot next to the orchid

How do I decorate my house for Christmas?

Use festive Christmas products. Which Christmas colors are fun to use? You can choose different colors with a glossy finish. The shine immediately gives your interior a festive effect. Colors that go well with this are gold, silver and white. Do you want to decorate your living room for Christmas? Then you can place beautiful orchids in gold or silver decorative pots here. This way you can enjoy orchids not only before and during Christmas, but you can also enjoy orchids for a long time after Christmas. Choose white orchids if you want to bring elegance, serenity and connection into your home. This beautiful color goes well with Christmas and symbolizes the bond with your loved ones.

Do you want to surprise your guests with a beautiful Christmas table during Christmas dinner? Then click on the button below to create a beautiful table.

White orchid, golden decorative pots - Christmas table setting
Green plant Rhipsalis in a white decorative pot with golden details
Christmas decoration - white orchid in gold and white decorative pot with gold tray in living room
Christmas decoration - white orchid in silver decorative pot and white tray with Christmas tree ornament

What color Christmas decorations?

We don't only see gold, silver and white with a shine during Christmas. The colors green and violet also leave their mark around these holidays and create a warm, harmonious atmosphere in the home. Perfect to bring these attractive colors into your home. Choose two main colors that you like and decorate the house in a Christmas atmosphere with fun items such as decorative pots, Christmas ornaments, Christmas figurines and lights to get into the Christmas spirit.

DIY Christmas: (Do it yourself)

Christmas arrangement with orchids - white orchid:

Christmas arrangement with orchids

Purple orchid - golden decorative pots - golden home accessories - Christmas tree ornament

Make your own Christmas plant set

White orchids and golden decorative pots on Christmas table

Make Christmas table with Kolibri Company

What can you make yourself for Christmas?

Want to get started with fun do-it-yourself for Christmas? Some nice ideas are:

Need care tips?

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