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Combine plants in pots with our mix & match tool

Put together your favorite plants in pot combination

Create your favorite plant in pot combination together to your heart's content. We have developed this tool so that you can let your creativity run wild and you can customize the items from Kolibri Company can compose. With our mix & match tool you choose your favorite plant, choose from the different sizes of the plant and choose which ornamental pot you like. You can also add different accessories to make it a whole. With a choice of more than 9 different types of orchid colors, different types of green plants and a selection of perfectly fitting pots and trendy home accessories, you can transform any dull corner in the house with a cool set that will quickly attract a compliment. Also nice to give plants in a pot as a gift.

Mix & Match

Put together the perfect pot-plant combination!

Simply choose a beautiful plant,
match it with a perfectly fitting pot,
and you have the perfect eye-catcher for your home!


Create your personalized arrangement!

Choose a background,
combine perfectly matching pots and plants
and select an accessory for the finishing touch

Orchids – Kolibri Orchids

Plants in pots can be perfectly combined with our premium Phalaenopsis orchids from Kolibri orchids. Do you want a special buy orchid? You can do that in our shop! Choose from no less than 9 different colors. From buying orchids with the most unique patterns to a beautiful white orchid; we have grown them for you with love in our nurseries in Naaldwijk and Maasdijk. Premium quality orchids that you can enjoy for months. Is it difficult to care for an orchid? Of the tips from grower Rob even the least green fingers can easily care for their orchids.

Green plant in pot – Kolibri Greens

Green plants you can buy that are easy to care for here! Our plants, we also call them our knucklebones, cannot be broken. With a wide range of succulents, sansevierias, scheffleras and vriesea's, you're in the right place. Do you prefer to go for a little more body and do you like to put plant sets in your interior? Then take a look at our plant sets page. Here you can get plenty of inspiration for buying plant sets in different living trends.

Home accessories – Kolibri Home

The nicest addition when you are going to buy plants in pots are our home accessories. With this you create a playful effect and complete the look into a stunning plant set for your home. It's all about the small details that make your orchid or green plant complete!   

How do I know whether my plants in pots look good in my interior?

Do you want to order plants in pots for your home, but you are not sure which plants or orchids look beautiful in your home? You can now easily configure your own plant set in the above tool. You can choose a suitable environment that resembles your own interior. Buying plants in pots has never been so tailor-made!


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