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Orchid bouquet | Kolibri Bouquet

Looking for a bouquet of flowers that will last for months? Embrace the beauty of nature with our Kolibri Bouquet. An orchid bouquet that is equipped with a handy inlay with a water reservoir. The advantages of the orchid bouquet at a glance:

– Can be stored for months
– Enjoy the beauty of nature
– Orchids provide themselves with water
– Ready-made orchid bouquets
– Compose your own bouquet online

Which orchid bouquets are there?

In our webshop you can choose from the Mono, Field or Jungle Bouquet.

orange orchid - Mono Bouquet

Mono Bouquet

The Mono Bouquet consists of three identical Kolibri Orchids with pot size 12 centimeters. This orchid bouquet comes with Basket, inlay with water reservoir and three WaterWicks.

white orchids - Field Bouquet

Field Bouquet

The Field Bouquet consists of three Kolibri Orchids with the same color, but from different families. A Kolibri Orchids has a pot size 12 centimeters and the other pot size 9 centimeters. In addition to the Kolibri Orchids are also three Kolibri Greens with pot size 6 centimeters in the bouquet.

yellow red orchid - Jungle Bouquet

jungle bouquet

The Jungle Bouquet consists of three of the same Kolibri Orchids with pot size 9 centimeters and three Kolibri Greens with pot size 6 centimeters.

How does an orchid bouquet work?

When we get your Kolibri Bouquet packing, we ship it in two parts. As a result, the Kolibri orchids and Kolibri Greens shipped most securely. Once all the products are in the house, you can start styling. Awesome! But how do you put together the orchid bouquet? We are happy to explain it to you.

Step 1

Fill the water reservoir in the inlay to the indicated line/curvature of the plastic with water. Note: prevent the water from rising above this, otherwise the roots of the orchid will be in the water. The plant does not like this.

Inlay with water reservoir

Step 2

Push the WaterWicks into the bottom of the grow pot until the rod is completely gone. Note: this is usually already done for you. If you haven't already done this, make sure you get the heart of the Kolibri Orchids when you push the WaterWick into the grow pot. This prevents the Kolibri Orchids are pushed out of the cultivation pot. Repeat this with every Kolibri orchids.


Step 3

On to the next step. You can now any Kolibri Put orchids in the inlay. Make sure the WaterWicks are well submerged in water. The plants can supply themselves with water via the WaterWicks. This way the plants can never get too much water.

Do you have an orchid bouquet with green plants? Then you can also use the Kolibri Putting greens in the inlay.

Optional: decorate it Kolibri Bouquet with Tillandsia. 

Water Wicks in water

Step 4:
Place the inlay in the Reed Basket or Cotton Basket. 

White orchid bouquet in wicker basket

Step 5

Finished! Now you can get your Kolibri Give Bouquet a nice place in your home and enjoy nature.

Check the water level in the water reservoir once a week by removing the inlay from the shell. Do you see that the water has run out? Then you can easily fill the water in the middle of the inlay.

White orchids in orchid bouquet

Set your own Kolibri Bouquet together

Yourself your Kolibri You can also compose a bouquet! A creative job to style a complete orchid bouquet to your own taste.

Do you want to get started yourself? With the products below you can put together a bouquet of orchids in no time at all.

Read which products you need:

The base:
– Choose a Reed Basket or Cotton Basket
– Choose an inlay of your choice (Mono, Field or Jungle). This one comes with WaterWicks

– Select three . on the basis of the inlay Kolibri Orchids out
– Choose three . if necessary Kolibri Greens out (at a Field of Jungle inlay)

To Kolibri To style the bouquet, you can use tillandsia

Need care tips?

The best care tips at a glance!


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