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With our wide range of green plants and orchids, we are sure there is something for everyone! All plants are fresh from the greenhouse and are delivered directly to your home. This way you will always receive plants of the best quality.

Orchid care

Looking after an orchid? With these products you can enjoy your orchid for a long time!

With a little extra attention you can enjoy our Kolibri Orchids for a long time. Grower Rob has put together a number of products that are very handy when you are looking after your orchid. With our orchid care products, you are assured of enjoying your orchids for a very long time!

Orchid care with orchid food

In the shop you can buy orchid food that has to be mixed with water. Just like many other plants, orchids like to be pampered every now and then with a drop of orchid food. For your orchid to flower optimally, grower Rob recommends using 1 special Chrysal orchid food drop every 2 months. Fill a bucket with water and add 1 drop of orchid food. You can immerse all your orchids in this water. Drain the orchid well before putting it back in its ornamental pot.

Maintaining an Orchid with a Watering Wick

Are you not very good at keeping track of watering an orchid? Then the watering wick is just the thing for you! Make sure you buy the right pot if you want to use this watering wick. Never put your orchid in a standard ornamental pot with a layer of water, but choose a pot where you can put a layer of water at the bottom without the layer of water touching the roots of the orchid. This can cause the orchid to get root rot and die. We recommend using these watering pads with an orchid pot with a special water reservoir or, for example, the Scandi pot or the sleep-all-day pot.

Orchid repotting

Do you want to repot your orchid to a larger pot? Then use our special orchid bark, which consists of tree bark that meets the specific requirements of the orchid. In nature the orchid grows as an epiphyte on trees. This means that the orchid clings to trees with its roots. This makes it essential for the orchid to be repotted in airy substrate. In addition, the bark ensures that the water can drain off well, so that the orchid does not suffer from root problems.

How do you repot the orchid?

Step 1: Remove the orchid from the plastic pot

Step 2: Cut off the rotten roots (they are black in colour)

Step 3: Submerge the orchid in lukewarm water and place it in the new pot

Step 4: Sprinkle the new bark in the pot and press it gently.

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