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With our wide range of green plants and orchids, we are sure that there is something for everyone! All plants come fresh from the greenhouse and are delivered directly to your home. This means you will always receive plants of the best quality.

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Want to buy plants that are easy to care for?

You can buy green plants at Kolibri Company. A mix of trendy green plants that cross-pollinate with Kolibri orchids. They remind you of a small jungle at home. All green plants from the collection of Kolibri Greens offer you a solid foundation of premium quality and shelf life. From easy-care Sansevierias to playful Rhipsalis. You will find the most beautiful green plants in our range. Check out the tips on how to best care for green plants on the care tips page. 

Buy Sansevierias

Sansevierias are real powerhouses that are easy to maintain. The Sansevieria needs little water and does not make high demands on its location. The Sansevieria can tolerate both a lot of sunlight and little sunlight. This houseplant is making a comeback and has since gone from being an old-fashioned product to a trendy plant. Choose a Sansevieria without a pot or put together your own combination with matching decorative pots and trendy home accessories.

Order Rhipsalis

We are in love with this furry, playful plant! Her cheerful stems make this plant nice and wild. Like the Sansevieria, the Rhipsalis is an easy-care plant. You recognize the green powerhouses of Kolibri Greens to their label. The products of Kolibri Greens are perfect to combine the products of Kolibri Orchids en Kolibri Home.

Order succulents

Thinking of ordering succulents? Decorating your home with plants brings countless benefits to our health and personal harmony. Even more reasons to buy green plants! The succulents from the Kolibri Greens collection creates a pleasant atmosphere at home and, moreover, it does not require much work. Do not give the Succulent more than 50 cc of water once every three weeks.

buy freezerea

This Vriesea is a special species: unlike many other Vriesea's, the Vriesea's from Kolibri Company green. Also known as the evergreen Bromeliad. The plant belongs to the Bromeliad family, but does not flower. Its leaf has a unique pattern and stands out because of its special colours. Did you know that Vriesea Hieroglyphica owes its name to the special drawings on the leaf? This plant has a special water system; In the middle of the plant is a tube into which you can pour the water. This allows the plant to slowly absorb the water.

Buy Schefflera

The range of Kolibri Greens offers great Schefflera's. Do you choose Schefflera Bush Luseana or the Schefflera on a trunk? Both plants have a striking feature: the leaves of the plant resemble fingers. This popular houseplant can be purchased separately or in a decorative pot of your choice, matching the current interior trends.

Put together a plant with pot combination yourself?

Do you want to combine a plant with a pot yourself? Then use our Mix & Match tool† With this you can combine your favorite plant with a decorative pot of Kolibri home. A perfectly fitting pot for your plant. This way you can let your creativity run wild.

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