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Green plants in pots to immediately bring a suitable combination into your home? Bee Kolibri Company we combine various green plants and decorative pots to deliver the best combinations to your home. These combinations consist of easy green house plants and decorative pots that we have developed ourselves.

Place the plant in a pot combination in a nice place, such as in the living room, office or bedroom. Planting green plants will boost your mood. They increase concentration and also reduce stress. Which green plant in pot combination are you going for?

Green plants in pots without flowers

Green plants in pots are strong plants, but have no flowers. In our catalogue Kolibri Greens you will come across a mix of trendy green plants, namely:
– Succulents, a strong and elegant plant;
– Rhipsalis, descends from the cactus, but fortunately does not sting;
– Sanseveria, a cheerful green plant with high spines;
– Schefflera, a mini tree;
– Hoya Kerrii, the plant with a green heart 😉;
– Euphorbia, a green plant with a strong trunk;
– Vriesea, colorful and wild;
– Aglaonema, cheerful and playful.

Mix & Match green plants in pot | fresh from the grower

Green plants in pots look great in any room and can be adapted to everyone's taste. Is your combination not among them? The products from Kolibri You can combine greens yourself using the handy Mix & Match tool. Choose your favorite plant and combine it with a beautiful decorative pot as desired.

Green plant in pot surprise

Did you know that you were at Kolibri Company you can assure yourself of the most exclusive orchids every 3 months? In the Giant subscription In addition to orchids in pots, you will also find green plants in pots. This way you have a surprise at home every 3 months from Kolibri Company.

Compose a green plant in a pot yourself

Don't see a green combination that suits you? Through our handy Mix & Match tool you can get started with putting together a green plant in a pot.

Tip! Prefer a different color? You can with us too buy orchids from our own nursery! View our colors here:

Need care tips?

The best care tips at a glance!


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