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Plant sets

With our wide range of green plants and orchids, we are sure there is something for everyone! All plants are fresh from the greenhouse and are delivered directly to your home. This way you will always receive plants of the best quality.

Buy Plant Sets

Do you want to buy plant sets? Combine cool ornamental pots, green plants and orchids with each other so that it fits into your interior!

Do you want to buy a plant set so you can immediately place a complete set in your house? This is easy in our shop. We get the plants directly from the greenhouse for you. This way we can guarantee that our plant sets are always full of fresh products.

Ordering a green plant or orchid online? You can also combine them!

Are you busy creating an urban jungle in your home? Then our plant sets are definitely a must-have for you! Give your living room, bedroom, home office or work place an upgrade. We have made a list of the nicest plant sets and houseplants. Will you go for a cool set or a set in a more romantic style? With sets, you can often choose the colour of orchid you want to include. For the care of both products, please visit our care page. Here grower Rob gives tips on how to best care for green plants and orchids.

Buy complete set of plants

By buying a ready-made plant set, your home or office is immediately filled with beautiful houseplants. For example, choose a complete tray with various green and flowering plants from our brands Kolibri Orchids and Kolibri Greens. Do you not yet have matching pots? Then shop individual ornamental pots to complete the set. You can also choose from various sets that we have already created for you. So you can surprise someone or yourself with a creative gift. Our ornamental pots are custom-made for our products. This way you can be sure that there is no piece of the plastic pot sticking out of the pot or that the plant is very loose in the pot.

Top 3 easy to care for plant sets

Would you like to buy a plant set, but prefer (almost) not to have to worry about your new housemates? Then choose a plant set with only green plants. Below, we have listed our top 3:
1. Succulent in Industrial Chic pots
2. Succulent set
3. Rhipsalis in Happy Face pots

Health benefits of plants

Did you know that plants are incredibly healthy for you? It has been proven that shades of green are relaxing and have a positive effect on our physical and mental health. It is no coincidence that green is 'The colour of hope': it unconsciously transports us back to our primal habitat, where everything recovers. We call them 'houseplants', but you could also call them 'plants for your upstairs room'. Decorating your home with plants brings countless benefits for our health and personal harmony. So plenty of reasons to fill your home with our plant sets.

Need care tips?

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