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With our wide range of green plants and orchids, we are sure that there is something for everyone! All plants come fresh from the greenhouse and are delivered directly to your home. This means you will always receive plants of the best quality.

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Phalaenopsis Orchids order online

Order orchids online? The Phalaenopsis orchids from the Kolibri Orchid's collection are all beautiful expressions of strength, purity and originality, with excellent decorative value. More than 101 different Phalaenopsis varieties are grown in the nursery of Kolibri Company, selected on the basis of refined details and a unique appearance. In the webshop you can choose from different shapes and colors. Are you going for a hand bent or a wild-flowering orchid? We have divided our Phalaenopsis varieties into groups, each with their own story, which together form a family, inspired by nature.


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Do you opt for white, pink, yellow, orange, red or mottled? All orchids come fresh from the greenhouse and are delivered directly to your home. As a result, you will always receive Phalaenopsis orchids of the best quality. special, special Kolibri Orchids can be recognized by their golden label and golden touch on the pot cover. These varieties have a special flower shape or growth form. Currently you will only find 9 cm Phalaenopsis in the range of Kolibri Company, but from January 2022 12 cm orchids will also be available in the webshop.

Kolibri Orchids Mineral

With our Kolibri Orchids Mineral you add color to your interior. Moreover, you can enjoy your Phalaenopsis orchid for months. Enjoy the beauty and embrace the positive energy.

Kolibri Orchids Niagara Fall

The flower sprays of the Niagara Fall are gently bent during the growing process, creating a waterfall of flowers. It is a real Phaleanopsis with many flowers. A showpiece full of tumbling flower drops.

Kolibri Orchids Angel Fall

Impress with Kolibri Orchids Angel Fall. This large-flowered orchid distinguishes itself thanks to its impressive flowers of at least 10 cm in size. You can easily enjoy these beautiful large flowers for several months.

Kolibri Orchids Diamond

Nature can be so beautiful! You will discover the most beautiful flower patterns with the Kolibri Orchids Diamond collection. With the Phalaenopsis with dots you will see the most breathtaking varieties with brilliant colors.

Kolibri Orchids Fragrance

Want to buy a scented orchid? With our fragrant Phalaenopsis you can enjoy a 100% natural scent at home. At night, this scented orchid converts CO2 to O2 (oxygen) and this process releases a natural scent. Especially in the morning you can enjoy this wonderful scent.


Kolibri Orchids Jewel

We are in love with our orchids with special colors, namely the orchids from the Kolibri Orchids Jewel collection. These are known for their amazing colors and impressive flower shapes. Choose Dubrovnik, Las Vegas of Italy. Piece by piece expressions of pure power.

Taking care of an orchid

Do you find it difficult to take care of your orchid? That is no longer necessary! With our care tips, even people without green fingers can take care of an orchid. On the care tips page you will find tips on how to water your Phalaenopsis, tips for the best location for the orchid and how to let your orchid bloom again. Take a quick look.

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