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Gift items

With our wide range of green plants and orchids, we are sure there is something for everyone! All plants are fresh from the greenhouse and are delivered directly to your home. This way you will always receive plants of the best quality.

Giving plants as a gift

Looking for an original gift?

Do you want to give a plant as a present to someone else? Plants are very suitable as an original gift that really helps someone. On this page we have put plants and accessories in different price ranges so you can give a nice present to friends, a family member or a colleague.

Plant arrangements

We offer various plant arrangements, such as our gift sets that consist of a tray, a stand, strong green plants, premium orchids, luxurious ornamental pots and a fun accessory. If you want to give a plant as a gift, also check out our orchid bowls filled with three orchids. The orchids come with a watering system, so that the person you're going to surprise doesn't have to worry about watering the orchids. In addition, we always include a bag of Tillandsia, so the bowl can be beautifully decorated.

Promotional gifts

Looking for an original business gift? Give a plant! Plants are very suitable to give, because they bring a lot of positive benefits. Did you know, for example, that plants increase your productivity and that you can concentrate better in a room full of plants? You can be sure that by giving a green plant or orchid as a gift, you are giving your business contacts something they will enjoy for a long time and that they will remember your company for a long time to come. For special requests and offers, please contact us via the contact page.

Steps to add a card to your order

Are you going to order plants to give as a present to someone? Then add a card to your order. You do this by following the next steps:
1. Check out the offer and then order a nice arrangement or plant online in our webshop. Go to the check-out and check your order.
2. In the check-out you will see the option to add a card in the web shop. Click on it and choose your favorite card. These cards go from wishing someone good luck to wishing someone a happy birthday.
3. Leave a text in the column provided.
We'll get to work and make sure the card is added to the order. We'll write the message you left on the card by hand. This way you can surprise someone with an original and personal gift.

Giving plants to yourself

Do you want to give yourself a gift of a plant? You can really tickle yourself now and then! A beautiful orchid bowl on the table or a stylish gift set on a side table, you can enjoy them for months! Do you want to give a plant as a present, but are you worried about whether your order will arrive in good condition? On our customer service page we tell you more about how we pack your order, so you can be sure it will arrive in one piece.

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