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Fragrant orchids

Fragrant orchids

With our wide range of green plants and orchids, we are sure that there is something for everyone! All plants come fresh from the greenhouse and are delivered directly to your home. This means you will always receive plants of the best quality.

Fragrant orchids

Fragrant orchids fall under the Phalaenopsis orchid, which has more than 20.000 species. A special species, which, in addition to their eye-catching flowers, emit a wonderful scent. The fragrant orchid converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. During this process, a natural scent is released, so you can enjoy a natural perfume, especially in the morning.

What do scented orchids smell like and why?

But what do scented orchids smell like? They give off a subtle, fresh-sweet scent, which they spread all around themselves. Our cultivation expert explains that everything in nature looks for a way to reproduce itself. Some orchids therefore attract pollinators, such as insects and kolibriYou can use them by their bright colors on the flowers or by spreading a wonderful fragrance. Fragrant orchids bring a natural scent into your home and complete the experience of nature at home. They don't draw here kolibriPut it on, but please us with this fragrance sensation!

How long do scented orchids bloom?

Phalaenopsis flower with good care for about eight weeks. Fragrant orchids also participate in this and to keep them blooming for as long as possible, you can use orchid drops† With this you increase the optimal flowering of your fragrant orchid and you can enjoy it even longer.

Did you know that scented orchids can bloom again? Do not throw them away after they have lost their flowers, but snap off the flower stem just above the second eye. Then place the orchid in a room with a room temperature of around 18 degrees. And then… after four to six months of waiting, this beautiful, fragrant one blooms orchid again.

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Kolibri Company likes to bring the power of nature into your home. All our products are grown with passion and love in our own nursery. Be surprised by the beautiful fragrant orchids and bring our Fragrance orchids a wonderful, natural scent in the house.

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