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Kolibri Company orchids - orange orchids

orange orchids

With our wide range of green plants and orchids, we are sure that there is something for everyone! All plants come fresh from the greenhouse and are delivered directly to your home. This means you will always receive plants of the best quality.

The most beautiful orange orchids

Looking for beautiful orange orchids? Kolibri Company offers various orchids from our own cultivation. Our plants come directly from the greenhouse, where we keep a close eye on their growth in order to offer the most beautiful and best orchids. The Phalaenopsis shine with their blooming flowers and bring color and tranquility to your home. Orange orchids are houseplants and can be combined well with various decorative pots. This way you can make combinations that suit your own taste and place them in any room in the house.

Buy orange orchids at Kolibri Company

Do you want to buy orange orchids? Kolibri Company offers a number of orchids in this color group. Dive into nature with this botanical color and enrich your room at home with your favorite orchid.

An orange pearl for the eye is the monaco orchid with beautiful orange flowers. To stimulate an extra sense, we have the fragrant orange orchid added to our range! This way you not only have an eye-catcher in your home, but also a refreshing scent.

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Caring for orange orchids

With a little extra attention, your orange orchids will last even longer in your home. After our plants have been delivered from the greenhouse, it is time to leave the care to you. You can take care of orange orchids with the help of our orchid care tips. An essential part is watering. Do this once a week by immersing the orchid with plastic growing pot in water. Let the cultivation pot drain well before placing it back in the decorative pot.

Take it contact Contact us if you have any questions about caring for orchids, we are happy to help!

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