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Kolibri Company orchids - yellow orchids

Yellow orchids

With our wide range of green plants and orchids, we are sure that there is something for everyone! All plants come fresh from the greenhouse and are delivered directly to your home. This means you will always receive plants of the best quality.

Yellow orchids from Kolibri Company

With yellow orchids you give a cheerful and sunny twist to any interior. The Phalaenopsis flowers for weeks in a row and provides a relaxed space. Did you know that indoor plants boost your mood with their blooms? They give you more peace of mind and increase your concentration, so that you can work more productively while working. With yellow orchids from Kolibri Company get your orchids of good quality into your home. You can recognize them by their golden label and golden touch on the pot cover.

Will you bring the sunshine into your home by buying the yellow orchid? Or would you rather have a different color shine? You will find various colors in our range orchids, like white orchids, orange orchids, pink orchids, purple orchids, fragrant orchids en butterfly orchids.

Buy yellow orchids

Kolibri Company supplies orchids from our own cultivation, which come directly from the greenhouse. The orchids start as small green leaves and grow into radiant eye-catchers. We offer various yellow orchids and keep a close eye on the growth process. Our quality control takes place during the entire growing process, so that the best and most beautiful orchids end up in your home.

Do you want to buy yellow orchids? These too go through our quality control first and are then firmly packed in specially developed boxes. That will be a sunny party when your order is delivered at home!

Taking care of beautiful yellow orchids

Become a master of plant care with our care tips. Bee Kolibri Company we are happy to help you and in our care tips you will find tips about watering, location and nutrition. Have you had yellow orchids in your house for a long time and do you want to repot them? This can also be found at our orchid care tips.

Did you know…
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Take it contact Contact us if you have any questions about caring for orchids, we are happy to help!

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