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Lush Life is all about luxury with a very refined and stylish touch. We see many shiny accents in both gold and silver and marble effects are also common. The colors are very light and fresh to keep it minimalist. In this trend we see a lot of round and oval shapes and materials such as glass, stone and travertine really bring this style to life.

Koibri Comany - Le Chic gold accessories orchid white silver details
Silver and white decorative pots with orchids and succulents

Combining luxurious interior with green plants and orchids

Make an interior stand out with this luxurious interior trend. The gold and silver colors are finished with a metallic look to give extra strength to decorative pots. Adding gold to a luxurious interior is easy to do with gold decorative pots. Within the Lush Life interior trend you can make endless combinations between sleek designs, such as oval trays, decorative pots with sleek corners and accessories with a gold finish. Round shapes are a must to complete the luxurious interior.  

white orchid

A light base of colors such as white, beige and travertine create a clean canvas on which you can decorate with delicate flowers, plants and other valuable accessories.

color palette le chic, silver, gold, copper, cream

Désirée: “In addition to the gold accessories, add color by choosing soft pink or white orchids, this will give your room some positivity!”

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