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masculine | robust | grotesque shapes | luxury materials

This trend has an urban and masculine look that allows you to think big! We see many grotesque shapes in terms of furniture, but with a luxurious touch in terms of materials that are very refined and precious. Discover more about this industrial trend. 

Copper decorative pots with white orchids

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Could your interior use a green boost? We have listed the latest interior trends for you, so that we know for sure that you can buy a beautiful plant set or orchids in decorative pots that match your interior style. Scroll on and view the possibilities! 

The colors are very basic with brown, gray and black forming a strong base, while a warm accent can easily be added with green and beige tones. In terms of materials, you can think of heavy stone, dark wood or concrete as possible materials to decorate within this style.

Urban edge color palette
Brown decorative pots with orchids

Industrial living with green plants and orchids

Within Urban Edge the colors are basic. Your home becomes a place where everything comes together: green, design and smart solutions. An industrial interior is also characterized by vintage with characteristic products such as an old leather sofa or leather cushions. 

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Désirée: Opt for robustness in both your furniture and accessories!

Our trend spotter Désirée has the golden tip for an industrial interior. Opt for robustness in both your furniture and accessories. Look for vintage elements and style our decorative pots with purple or white orchids.

Copper decorative pots with white orchids

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