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Colorful Optimism

crazy shapes | colorful | young | pastel

In for a cheerful, outspoken and refreshing interior? With Colorful Optimism you can't ignore this and the cheerfulness is splashing. Design items are characterized by round, organic shapes, which you see reflected in our decorative pots and accessories. Cheerful colors and striking patterns stand out, which should be 'Instagrammable' for our social media users as much as possible.

Interior trend Colorful Optimism - Kolibri Company

Colorful living with green plants and orchids

A colorful interior by Colorful Optimism is given extra power by the addition of green plants and colorful orchids. Shapes, pronounced colors and faces are central to this playful living style. The combinations with orchids and decorative pots from Colorful Optimism give a funky effect in every corner of the room. The word boring? That certainly doesn't happen anymore.

Trend page Kolibri Company Optimism style

Match your living room with optimism.

oh my! A color explosion at Colorful Optimism. Bright colors such as yellow, orange, peach and pink can be seen on decorative pots and home accessories, but white also plays a leading role in this interior. It can't be crazy enough and the color combinations are endless. You can recognize materials by their organic and round shapes. And as if it couldn't get any crazier, you will come across prints, such as faces or arches on walls and accessories.

Interior trend Colorful Optimism - Kolibri Company

Désirée 'Do crazy with your orchids' 

Is Colorful Optimism right for you and are you in for something new for your orchids? Then remove the sticks from the orchid, this creates a playful effect between the branches. By removing the sticks, the branches fall in different directions.

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