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With this style trend we make a trip from Central and South America, to Morocco and Ibiza with African influences! In this trend the color palette is neutral, you see colors like cream, orange and earth tones come back. 

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The earthy colors and materials remain within this home trend, but there is a shift towards some more gold and copper colors. In addition, materials such as clay, sand, terracotta and soil colors are used. Realistic prints are common in this style; think of human shapes and patterns. These shapes come back in both accessories and ornamental pots. Put ornamental pots with different patterns, in different heights together in a set for a playful effect. Orange-coloured orchids stand out within this style trend. There is also room for green in the form of plants.

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Match your living room with Ethnic.

As mentioned earlier, you will find in this trend several warm and earthy colors such as cream, terracotta, orange and brown. In addition, you will also see gold and copper colors in this style, this you see mainly back in ornamental pots and accessories. 


Désirée 'Add natural materials to your interior'. 

By adding natural materials to your interior you bring a piece of nature inside. Choose materials in light colours such as wood, rattan and reed. 

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