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Hotel Chic

Imagine yourself a weekend away in a beautiful and luxuriously decorated hotel. With this trend you get a warm, luxurious and modern atmosphere in your home without having to leave.

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Buy green plants and orchids within the trend theme Hotel Chic

Hotel Chic is a bit mysterious and sexy! This is mainly due to the choice of materials which are very soft and sensual. Finish it off with feather prints and gold details to enhance that luxurious look. There are many round shapes within this theme. The patterns are very busy and contain prints with many (golden) details. 

Kolibri Home - flowerpot ornamental pot industrial chic 9cm 3

Match your living room with Hotel Chic.

Purple and emerald green are the colors for this style trend! These colours bring a warm, daring and luxurious look. Colours such as purple, emerald green and gold are combined.

Hotel Chic colors pallet Kolibri Company

Désirée 'Shiny metallic colours combined with velvet furniture'. 

Do you have an empty corner in your living room or maybe even in your bedroom? Use this to create a cosy corner! Choose a velvet chair in combination with a golden side table. You make the corner complete by placing a set of plants on the side table. By using a plant elevator to create height between the different pots. You can very well place several ornamental pots next to each other!

Hotel chic trend page

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