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Inner retreat

organic shapes | tactile material | comfort | harmony

Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the gentle embrace of this trend! Inner Retreat is about peace, quiet and taking time for yourself; retreat to a nice space. This is expressed in round, organic shapes with a minimalist appearance. Materials are natural, such as wood and webbing, and often soft and cuddly.

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Timeless and soft interior with Inner Retreat

If you want to bring peace and tranquility to your interior, you are in the right place with this living trend and you will have your own relaxing place in no time. By bringing soft colors and elements into your home, you will automatically become zen of this peaceful environment and you can plop down on the couch. 

White orchid in white decorative pots with succulents
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The color palette contains soothing tone-on-tone colors that complement each other well and do not contradict each other; everything is in perfect harmony.

Color sample interior trend Inner Retreat

Timeless and soft interior with Inner Retreat

With the Inner Retreat living trend, you stay in a quiet and fresh interior. An interior that is characterized by openness, serenity and space. 

Reed Basket white with Amabilis

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