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Inner Retreat

With residential trend Sanctuary you stay in a calm and fresh interior. Time for a calm and light touch in your interior? Discover everything about this interior trend below and view our favorite products that fit into this living trend.

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How do you become zen through orchids and green plants?

With Sanctuary you are assured of a timeless trend with minimalistic features. This way you can choose your favorite orchids with uniform flowers, which you can combine with decorative pots in the same colour. 

Kolibri Orchids Fragrance Cream Ring sand Zen Face sand Candle Face sand 5

Timeless and soft interior with Sanctuary

If you want to bring peace and tranquility to your interior, you are in the right place with this living trend and you will have your own relaxing place in no time. By bringing soft colors and elements into your home, you will automatically become zen of this peaceful environment and you can plop down on the couch. 

Studio Lee - OK plan - October 2021 - Themes - HR-285
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Sanctuary can be recognized by uniform patterns with shades of white and soft colours, such as cream, sand and soft pink. These colors are applied with a matte finish and give a soothing and calm feeling. The decorative pots that you mainly see at Sanctuary have minimalist shapes and clean lines. A minimalist trend that allows you to create a relaxed place.

Color sample interior trend Inner Retreat

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Timeless and soft interior with Sanctuary

With residential trend Sanctuary you stay in a calm and fresh interior. An interior that is characterized by openness, serenity and space. 

Reed Basket white with Amabilis

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