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Field Bouquet in Reed Basket


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A bouquet of excellent flowers that you can enjoy for months. Embrace the beauty of nature with your Field Bouquet, equipped with a handy inlay with a water reservoir. This bouquet consists of three Kolibri Orchids with the same color from different families in pot sizes 12 and 9 centimetres.

Kit contents:
Kolibri Home Reed Basket
- 1x Kolibri Orchids 12 cm
- 2x Kolibri Orchids 9 cm
- 3x Kolibri Greens 6 cm
– 3x Watering wick (WaterWicks)

– Inlay with water reservoir

How does it work?
Step 1: Fill the water tank to the indicated line (see photo) with water. Note: prevent the water from rising above this, otherwise the roots of the orchid will be in the water. The plant does not like this.

Step 2: Push the WaterWicks into the bottom of the grow pot until the rod is completely gone. This is usually already done for you.

Step 3: Make sure the Waterwicks are well submerged. The plants can provide themselves with water via the WaterWicks.

Step 4: Check the water level in the water reservoir once a week by removing the reservoir from the shell. If necessary, top up with water through the center of the inlay.

*because we work with live products, the species depicted may have minor deviations from the photos.


Latin name


Delivery type

Houseplants delivered in bowl




Pot size

1x 12cm 2x 9cm

Full Growing Height

60 - 70 cm


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