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Refill package scale 23cm


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Refill package scale 23cm

Have you recently enjoyed a beautiful full bowl of orchids and would you like to refill it again? Then we have put together this handy package for you. Our complete refill package is suitable for all scales. In the package you will find an insert for 3 plants with a pot size of 9 cm. The inlay sheet has a deep bottom with an edge halfway through where your plant will hang. Due to the deep bottom, you can also use the insert as a water reservoir. You can fill the insert with 100ml of water, repeat this once every 1 weeks. Then place the 2 supplied wicks at the bottom of the cultivation pot and lower the wicks into the water reservoir. The plant can now absorb its water very gradually and will therefore grow and bloom longer. Finally, fill your bowl with the included Tillandsia and it is ready to shine in your living room!

– Place the insert sheet in the tray
– Apply the Waterwick watering system wick in the bottom of the cultivation pot
– Repeat this for all orchids/plants you want to place in the bowl
– Fill the insert with 100ml water, repeat this 1x every 2 weeks
– Place the plants in the insert
– Decorate the bowl with Tillandsia
– Your bowl is now ready to shine!

The refill package contains the following items:
– 1 insert for 3 plants (pot size 9cm)
– 3 watering wicks
– Tillandsia

* The refill package is delivered without bowl and plants



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