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Buying plants online?

With our wide range of green plants and orchids, we are sure that there is something for everyone! All plants come fresh from the greenhouse and are delivered directly to your home. This means you will always receive plants of the best quality. 

Top 3 reasons to buy plants:

1. Plants are good for our health. Plants purify the air, improve concentration and make us more productive and creative.
2. Plants have been proven to improve our mood. We feel happier in a space with plants.
3. They have become an indispensable part of a contemporary interior. They give a fresh and stylish touch to our interior.

Order plants in your own style

Do you want to order house plants for your home, but are you not sure which plants or orchids look beautiful in your home? With our mix & match tool you choose your favorite plant, choose from the different sizes of the plant and choose which ornamental pot you like. You can also add different accessories to make it a whole. You can then upload a photo of that bare corner in your house and you can get started with seeing which combination of decorative pots and plants you like. Buying plants has never been so tailor-made! 

Buy orchids

Do you want a special buy orchid? You can do that in our shop! Choose from no less than 9 different colors. From buying orchids with the most unique patterns to a beautiful white orchid; we have grown them for you with love in our nurseries in Naaldwijk and Maasdijk. Premium quality orchids that you can enjoy for months. Is it difficult to care for an orchid? Of the tips from grower Rob even the least green fingers can easily care for their orchids. 

Buy green plants

Green plants you can buy that are easy to care for here! Our plants, we also call them our knucklebones, cannot be broken. You are in the right place with a wide range of Succulents, Sansevierias, Scheffleras and Vrieseas. Do you prefer to go for a little more body and do you like to put plant sets in your interior? Then take a look at our plant sets page. Here you can get plenty of inspiration for plant sets buy in different housing trends. 

Home accessories 

Home accessories complete your interior. Do you have a boring spot left in your house that could use a boost? View our range home accessories. These are great fun to combine with our green plants and orchids. From golden ornaments to white trays and handy products that help you take care of your orchid or take care of your green plant. You will also find nice stands and feet to raise a pot with, so that you can create a playful effect with different heights. Have fun with different shapes, sizes and colors. Everything with a luxurious finish that quickly elicits a compliment. 

Need care tips?

The best care tips at a glance!


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