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Discover our living trends. 

From a Scandivan interior to an Optimistic interior, there is something for everyone. Because everyone feels at home in a different interior. Make your house a home where you can relax, where you feel good and where you feel happy...

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Green plants and orchids styles according to the latest interior design trends

Could your interior use a green boost? We've listed the latest interior design trends for you, so you can be sure of buying a beautiful plant set or orchids in ornamental pots that match your interior design style. Scroll on and check out the possibilities!

Buy orchids that fit into a warm interior

Do you want to buy plants for your interior? First, find out what kind of interior you have! Does your interior have some worldly tones, such as accessories from faraway countries and do you like terracotta colours? Then your interior is in keeping with the interior design trend we Ethnic call. This trend immediately brings warmth and atmosphere with it. We also have the warm trend we Hotel Chic we call it. You could find this interior in a luxury hotel. Do you have sensual fabrics, such as velour and warm gold tones in your home? Then you've come to the right place on the Hotel Chic trend page.

Buy plants for a peaceful interior

Do you like everything to be peaceful and clean at home, so that you can completely relax and therefore have a lot of natural furniture and light colours? Then that sounds like a real interior to us. Sanctuary interior. On this page, you will find mainly basic and timeless decorative pots that look great with green plants and orchids. Would you like to add a little more colour? Then take a look at our trend page with the Romantic theme . These decorative pots are all fairly neutral, but also available in soft pink shades. This page is also a good tip if you want to buy an original Mother's Day gift or an original Valentine's Day gift.

Buy plants for a luxurious interior

Do you want to buy plants for a luxurious interior? Then take a look at the Luxury living page. This style of living is full of shiny, golden and silver decorative pots, but also marble. Orchids are a beautiful addition to complete your luxurious interior.

Plants for a playful interior

Want to buy plants for a playful interior? Our ornamental pots and accessories from trend page Optimism are full of fun, playful ornamental pots with a twist. From ornamental pots with happy faces to cheerful rainbows. Who wouldn't be happy? We certainly do!

Plants and orchids for a tough jungle interior

Today's trend: an urban jungle in your home. Create your own urban jungle in your home by Into the jungle into your home. In this trend theme you will find animal prints, animal pots, natural materials and patterns. Are you looking for a cool addition to your urban jungle? Then take a look at the Urban trend page. The main colours in this trend are brown, grey and black. The ornamental pots have a tough finish with an industrial look.

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